How To Take a Screenshot on Snapchat using Fouad SC App?

Snapchat is an instant messaging application with lots of fun elements to explore using a diverse range of stickers, filters, and more things. Besides this, many people want to get connected with their friends and enjoy privacy while having conversations, which usually is missing the traditional social media app.

Moreover, many people aren’t able to express themselves on those old social media since they are not cool anymore. In that case, Snapchat rises as an aid for youngsters and allows them to appreciate their friendship on this social media platform with appropriate security and privacy features that make this application a brilliant option for many users.

However, even this app has some restrictions that might ruin the overall experience for many people. One of the major things that people find on the internet is a way to take a screenshot on Snapchat.

But if you have been using the official app for a while, you have noticed that you will get notified whenever someone tries to take a screenshot of your snaps. However, you don’t need to worry about those things when you look for alternative options that we have covered in the following post.

Now, let’s see how to take a screenshot on Snapchat

Take a Screenshot on Snapchat using Fouad SC App

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Method 1: Get FMSC APK [Recommended]

Most often people don’t know there’s a specific modded version of the SC (Snapchat) that will grant robust perks under the hood. In your free time, you can check out the full article regarding the FMSC or also known as the FMSnapchat to get more details about this application.

Here, you don’t have to worry about those alerts since you can utilize the amazing perks of the FMSnapchat to easily take a screenshot of snaps, stories, and posts without any problem. On top of that, the other user won’t even get any alert in the first place, which makes this situation profitable for you.

  • I hope you have already downloaded the FMSC app.
  • Open the application, and go to the Chat menu.
  • Click on the star shield button.
    Fouad SC Mod Features
  • Enable the secret screenshot option.
    Fouad SC S2
  • That’s it!

Method 2: Use Another device

The most common way people take a screenshot of snaps and stories is by using another device, which will capture all of the information provided in someone’s snaps without them getting to know about it.

Method 3: Use Google Assistant

This AI assistant tool from google is already loaded with interesting and exciting perks. With this, you can voice command the assistant to secretly take screenshots from Snapchat in a hassle-free manner.

Method 4: For iOS and Mac users

Simply use the iMirror feature from your phone or laptop to take a secret Snapchat screenshot without facing any alert penalty at the same time.

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Final Verdict

Through this post, I assume that you get a clear answer regarding the screenshot problem that occurs in the SC app. Meanwhile, you can check out other people to clear doubts regarding the FMSnapchat queries.

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