The catalog of changelogs for the Fouad Mod Snapchat app presents a comprehensive overview of all the changes made to the app, including the introduction of exciting new features and the resolution of any previously reported bugs. The version history section below provides detailed information about each update, allowing users to easily track the evolution of the app and stay informed about its current capabilities.


  • Night Mode option beta (90% of UI – cant do more now)
  • View snaps and story for unlimited time ⏳
  • Download option for Snaps
  • Download option for Stories
  • Download option for Discover
  • Download option for Spotlight
  • Annoying Gservices notification


  • Auto-save Snaps
  • Hide View Story
  • Hide View Snap
  • Hide Read Message
  • Hide Typing in Chat
  • Hide Online inside Chat
  • Secret Typing…(no notify)
  • Customise Best Friend Emojis
  • Secret Screenshot without knowing
  • Anti Screen Record without knowing