Automatically Download Snapchat Snaps with FouadSC App? [Guide]

There are many people who attempt to take screenshots of the stories and snaps offered by the Snapchat social media platform. However, most people miserably copy those snaps and stories because the other person will quickly get a notification regarding the screenshot. Besides this, it would also affect relationships with your friends.

We all have some secret crush or desire to connect with our favorite people from time to time, then Snapchat removes those boundaries for us. You can do various things inside the app, but it’s not possible to download snaps from the regular route. Even if you try to capture photos or videos using another device, you might not be able to get all of the details with blur images.

In that case, we have an incredible alternative that will provide complete support to save stories and snaps of your Snapchat friends. To do so, you will need an application named FMSC, also known as the FMSnapchat.

Download Snapchat Snaps with FouadSC App

A simple way to automate the process

There are various methods by which you can take a screenshot on Snapchat, but at the same time, if you don’t want to face any trouble, then you should definitely need to consider the following method. It will deliver exceptional support and automate the whole process for you in just a single click.

FMSnapchat apk is a modded version that allows users to perform several activities that are missing in the official app. You can Screen Record, Hide View Snapchat Snaps, and more. We have covered a dedicated post if you want to know more about this application. In the meantime, do check the full article.

As for the solution, we recommend you follow the subsequent steps to download or save Snaps automatically.

  • I’m assuming you have already downloaded FMSnapchat: if not, get it.
  • Make sure that you have a login to your account.
  • Open the FMSC app and head toward the chat tab.
  • Inside the chat tab, click on the star-like shield menu in the top right corner.
    Fouad SC Mod Features
  • Here, you will have to allow the Auto-save Snap features.
    Fouad SC S2
  • Now open the snaps that you want to save on your smartphone.
  • That’s it.

Note: Remove the client app before you download the FMSnapchat on your device, and avoid updating this application directly from the Play Store.

Once you have enabled this perk, every snap and story you visit will store in the camera roll offered in the lens section. From there, you can easily access the downloaded content. On the other hand, you can open the local media library and navigate to the FMSC album to obtain snaps.

Wrapping Up

Through this way, you can capture Snaps using the FMSnapchat and enjoy having conversations. Besides this, the app also offers various filter lenses from which you take photos quality to a whole new level. Aside from this, if you face an issue, do let us know in the following section. Meanwhile, you can visit our other post to increase your knowledge about this modified Snapchat.

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