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FMSC APK developed by the FouadSC Team is a modified version of the Snapchat app with enhanced features and capabilities not found in the official app.

Anti-Ban MOD

Auto-save Snaps

Secret Screen Record/ Screenshot/ Typing

Hide View Snap/ Online Status/ Read Msg

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become a big part of your daily life, and many people use those social media apps to interact with new people. Besides this, anybody can become a content creator by making reels, short videos, or posting different types of content. Do you know, the social media influencers industry is booming at a high pace?

You have also noticed the same trend around you as many people start creating TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts to become famous. However, there are lots of people who want a better option that provides better security options with end-to-end communication. Now, you might be thinking about WhatsApp. No, there’s one app that stands out from the rest of social media.

It’s none other than Snapchat, which brings lots of interesting features that allow users to interact with each of their friends in a specific manner. Furthermore, there are tons of things that you will obtain from this application as it provides improved communication features with several cool perks that are missing in the traditional social media app like Facebook, aka Meta. In the following section, we have covered more details about Snapchat.

About Snapchat

Snapchat started as a photo filter and instant messaging app that eventually converted into a full-fledged social media app over the years. The current app comes with a bundle of features that allows users to connect with their friends in a hassle-free manner. Besides this, the Gen Z and Gen X youth want something different from the traditional and outdated social media apps where they can express themself without any restriction from adults.

Fouad Snapchat APK

The core reason why many people like this application are because the shared photos, filters, and conversations will disappear after 24 hours. Moreover, the users will be notified when anyone tries to take a screenshot or record the screen of the shared media or conversation. Furthermore, there are various virtual stickers with interactive AR objects in the lens section where you can click photos. Afterward, you can share those snaps or short videos with your friend list.

On the other hand, there’s a Snapchat Plus subscription model inside this app. From this, you can explore the experimented features and get additional privileges by paying a small fee. But, you will find numerous attributes in the free version, so let’s talk about them in the following part.

Awesome Features

Here’s the list of the features you are getting with Snapchat.

End-to-End Conversation

In the chat tab, you can have conversations with your friends, create snap streaks, and enjoy chatting with them. Besides this, the app also provides an immersive UI experience so that you can check people’s snaps. And at the same time, the app increases the security level by removing the conversation after 24 hours duration.

Create Bitmoji Avatar

Snapchat is the first application that launched the personalized avatar feature. The users are allowed to create avatars according to their face, while there are numerous customization factors from basic facial structure to dressing decent dresses. Everything can be customized for the user’s desire, and you can pick the background effortlessly.

At the same time, the fun does not stop here. The Bitmoji can further be used in the conversation tab to get personified stickers set without even needing to add an extra stick package. With this, you can make the conversation more funny and interactive from both ends. Moreover, you can also create Bitmoji stories inside the app.

Diverse lens to click snaps

One of the biggest reasons why people use Snapchat is because of the numerous filter lens options. You will get fancy to funny, comical to beautiful, and colorful to plain black & white filters that will permit users to capture snaps using both sides of the camera module. With this app, you can replace the native app filters, and capture high-quality photos and videos without much hassle.

Watch Stories of Friends and Creators

You can subscribe to various creator public channels, and watch your friend’s stories. If you are bored watching all of those same stories again and again, you can try to create unique stories with the discover section. It will also help users to explore different creators and offer personalized discover feeds.

Kill free time with Spotlight

Moving to the next big thing, you have noticed that every social media app is incomplete with a short video format. That’s why Snapchat released the Spotlight section where the creators can create content for their niche audience without any problem. Furthermore, you can subscribe to your favorite content creator, comment on your opinion, share videos on your stories, and like their videos to show appreciation.

On top of that, you can also become a creator on Snapchat. It offers two major sections where you can share stories and spotlights. If you are a social butterfly, then this feature is definitely for you.

Explore the Map to visit popular nearby places

You might get bored with just using the social media app, but if you want to explore nearby areas or want to dine in some fast food, the Map allows you to navigate through nearby popular areas. Besides this, you will also notice the snap density on the map, and once you click on the map, you will notice close-by people stories.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Unlike other social media apps, Snapchat is a freemium application that grants additional features within Snapchat Plus. Usually, the cost of the monthly and yearly packages is nominal, which can vary from less than five bucks for a year.

Snapchat Plus Features

With the Plus version, you will gain access to the additional privileges that are covered in the subsequent section.  

Additional Chat Wallpapers You will obtain various choices to decorate the chat wallpapers, it is also applicable for specific users so that you have special conversations. 

Pinned Best Friends Easily There are only a handful of friends that we frequently contact on a daily basis. Pin them on top of the chat screen using Snapchat Plus. 

Custom App Icon This feature lets you modify the Snapchat icon according to your desire. You can check out the diverse custom app icon library to pick the best one. 

Ghost Trails If your friends have shared live locations with you, it’s possible to track their location throughout the day. 

Snapchat Planet System See where you stand in the other people’s friends list using the solar system. If your best friend is Sun and you are Mars, it indicates that you are in fourth place in the best friend list.  

Story Rewatch Option You are allowed to rewatch the stories of your friends again if you want to in a hassle-free manner. 

Snapchat Plus Badge  Once you have purchased the subscription, the Plus badge appears on your profile. 

Offers Priority Story Replies You will get special treatment for posting story replies first. 

There are tons of complaints regarding the usage, and the app is missing the point to provide additional leverage to the users. Instead, they ask users to pay a big sum of money to unlock better features. 

But if you want to grasp those attributes, there’s always a way to go with the modified version. Let’s talk about the main event – Fouad Mods Snapchat!

What is FMSC or FM Snapchat?

You might already have heard of Fouad, for their famous WhatsApp mods. Recently, they launched a new application that offers modified features for Snapchat. It is known as FMSC, which is referring to the Fouad Mod SC. Like their other projects, the developer team is focused on bringing more exciting features that will outrun the official version without much hassle and provide a better user experience.

Alongside this, the best part of using the FM Snapchat app would be that you will also obtain frequent updates from which you can stay away from getting banned and effortlessly click snaps. Not to forget, there are tons of other things that will make this application more robust, whether we talk about the advanced privacy privileges or enhance security aspects. 

Yet, it’s one of the easiest ways from which users can efficiently run more than one Snapchat account on their smartphone, which is quite helpful for people who have multiple accounts. It’s also possible to get some additional perks with this app offered on this site since it is not present on the Play Store or App Store. You can head toward the download part to get those impressive Snapchat features. 

Impressive Features of FMSC

The modded version will render these additional features as just the tip of the iceberg, there are tons of incredible things that are worth talking about. With that said, let’s head toward the next section for more details regarding the FM Snapchat MOD APK perks.

Take Screenshot without notification

Take Screenshot without notification

Usually, when you are using the regular SC app, there’s a high chance that you want to take a screenshot of your friend’s stories. But as we all know, the other person will get notified of screenshots. However, once you have this amazing app, you don’t have to worry about the screenshot anymore since you can secretly save content without much hassle. See more.

Record Screen effortlessly

Record Screen effortlessly

Same as with the above feature, you don’t have to think much when you discreetly want to record the screen while using Snapchat without much hassle. It’s possible to store those files in the local storage library so that you can access them anytime and anywhere in a pretty convenient manner. Check the detailed guide.

Remove View Snap

Remove View Snap

Most of the time, you don’t want to show your view snaps to others if you are avoiding some people a few times. However, it’s not possible with the regular application. Though, you can quickly disable the view snap with the help of the FMSC settings. With that, you can become a ninja and stealthy see your friend’s snaps without being noticed by them easily. Read more.

Disable View Story option

Disable View Story option

Like the previous features, if you want to appear in the stories seen on a list of Snapchat, you can utilize the hide view story function from this app to avoid contact with your distinct friends. We all know there are some guys or girls that have secret crushes, but at the same time, don’t want to appear in the story seen on the list, so this feature is definitely designed for you to sneak peek at their stories.

Hide Read Message from Chat

Hide Read Message from Chat

There’s no doubt that you can count numerous people that you want to ghost, but because of some reason, you have to stay in touch with them. But still, there’s a limit of annoyance that some can cross. In that case, this app will provide dedicated features to hide read message status from personal and group chats.

It’s quite helpful to wander around different groups and have that juice conversation without even needing to get involved in the first place. Besides, it helps you to ghost out many unwanted people from your conversation tabs without being rude to them, since leaving at read is far worse than not replying.

Remove Online from Chat

Remove Online from Chat

When you are having a conversation with friends, it’s all good. But when you want to do some work, any of your friends are constantly bothering you to stay in the chat. You can simply disable the online status with the help of the FM Snapchat features, and stay productive in a hassle-free manner.

Hide Typing Status

Hide Typing Status

Usually, if you are anxious to send a reply to anyone, simply turn off the typing option in the chat so that you can easily reply to your friends and other people in the most savage way possible. It won’t give them a chance to recover from that fatal blow in the conversation.

Secret Typing Choice

Secret Typing Choice

You can go one step ahead and even choose the security typing option from which the other end users won’t get any notification in the first place. So, you can easily have a conversation without being pressured in any sense.

Automatically save snaps

Automatically save snaps

In general, the official app doesn’t even let you take a screenshot of the stories. However, this application will give a superpower to save all of the seen snaps inside the local photos library. With that, you don’t have to perform any manual work and everything will be stored in the camera roll. So, you can create stories from those posts for later on! Check the step-by-step guide.

Additional Features

  • Custom Best Friends Emoji Options
  • Manage Friendship
  • Anti-Ban Feature
  • And More!

Download Fouad Mods Snapchat Latest Version

In the following section, you will obtain the latest update of Fouad’s Snapchat from which you can unlock a completely different world of Snaps. Therefore, don’t waste your time and get the newest update from the below part.  

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Size138 MB
Requires5.1 and up
Updated1 day ago


How to Use FMSC on Android Phones?

You don’t have to perform a difficult process, instead, the install guide for the FM Snapchat apk is rather simple. The reason for that would be like installing any third-party application. However, if you are not aware of that process in the first place, then you need to follow subsequent instructions. 

  1. Get the latest update on the FMsnapchat from this post. 
  2. Next thing, you have to open the Settings menu and enable “Unknown Source” installation from the Security, then turn on the toggle.
    android unknown sources
  3. You can skip the above steps if you have downloaded a third party before. 
  4. Now, you have to go through the Download section and select the downloaded FM Snapchat APK file. 
  5. Following this, you have to click on the “Install” button. 
  6. Wait until the installation process ends on the smartphone screen. 
  7. Once finished, open FMSnapchat and log in with your phone as you are used to. 

To access those exciting and robust features, you have to head toward the chat section, and at the top right corner, you will find the Fouad settings menu. Through this, you can manage the settings as your wish, and enjoy an amazing conversation experience with your friends and family. 

Advantage of using Fouad Mods SC

Here are the top reasons why you should use the FMSC application.

  • You can stay connected with people even after ghosting them. 
  • Save stories and anonymously screenshot
  • Security typing features

Disadvantages of using Fouad Mods SC

It’s also a good choice to see the other side of the coin by using the modified version.

  • The app crashed a few times, and frequently log-in required.
  • Doesn’t support web Snapchat
  • Low chances of getting banned


Is it Safe to use FouadSC APK?

The users won’t face any trouble using FM Snapchat as we have run several security tests. We don’t find anything in particular that gives a green flag to use from our end.

How to Install FMSC app?

Usually, the Fouad Mod SC won’t be available on the Play Store and App Store, so you have to download the app from a third-party website such as ours.

How to Take Screenshots on Snapchat without them Knowing?

There are two basic ways to take screenshots of someone without being notified; either use another phone to click the photo of the snap or go with the modified version FM Snapchat APK. In this way, you can perform that task.

What is the Snapchat Planet System?

The solar system feature is a premium feature of Snapchat+ that allows you to connect with your best friends in the most suitable way possible. Basically, if you fall under the first number of someone’s BFF, then you will be Mercury.

Where Snapchat Pics are Saved?

All of your pictures and videos will be saved in the camera roll section of Snapchat, which can be accessed by scrolling up in the lens section. Besides this, you can find them in the local photo library too.

Final Verdict

I hope you get a complete idea regarding this fabulous modified Snapchat. Plus, it’s become quite simple to take screenshots and offers more privacy features than any other mods. Enjoy those extra perks and surprise your friends.

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